Surfing Paddling Technique Workshop

Novato, Marin County, CA, USA

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Saturday, October 6, 2018 9am-5pm

Catch More Waves, With Less Effort

Learning how to paddle more efficiently, how to paddle faster, and how to prevent injury.

Limited Space Available

About the Workshop

Learn efficient and effective paddling techniques so you can catch more waves, with less effort. In this 8-hour Level 1 Workshop, you’ll get an analysis of your own paddling stroke on video and learn drills to enhance efficiency and speed. In addition, learn how to prevent injury to your shoulders, or to fix shoulder issues you’re having now through proper technique. 

This small group environment provides a learning platform for you to learn not only from your own video analysis, but from others’ as well. Contact Rob if you are interested in a private 1-on-1 session

Price $595 USD

Each participant will receive:

  • Video recordings with commentary reminders of what was discussed
  • Side-by-side video recording of their own stroke analysis with commentary
  • Annual Access to the Surfing Paddling Academy Online course (which has all of the drills and lessons for continued learning and practice)

Eliminated shoulder pain, increased ease in paddling, and fewer strokes taken


Welcome & Introductions

Initial recordings of Surfers’ baseline stroke

Paddling Technique Theory Overview

Lunch (included)

Applied Learning

Group discussion and analysis by the instructor

Drills are introduced based on the technique being discussed

Group drill practice

Each surfer’s stroke is re-recorded

What to Bring

  • A mind ready to learn proven surfing paddling techniques and to have fun!
  • Surfboard you want to learn on – particularly one you’ve struggled on or want to be able to paddle on. 
  • Swimsuit and Towel; light wetsuit if you get cold easily (for the wind)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and a Snack


Surfing Paddling Academy HQ

Southern Novato, Marin County, CA

(detailed address will be sent after registration)

World Class Surfing Paddling Experience

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